The founding RVB Plasma engineering and support team is ready to begin the initial three year  prototype journey under the lead guidance of Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher.

Her breakthrough research and experimentation provide the key underpinnings for the RVB Plasma Engine and its functional design. Given the nature of the work, it’s very appropriate and timely to now bring these profound insights into the light (the fusion light, of course!)

We seek the collaboration of thoughtful, visionary and inspired investors together with whom we wish to embark on this exciting journey. Despite the clear path laid forth by Dr. Rauscher, due to the inherent nature of scientific experimentation, the investment risk is great; however, the net tangible benefit to all of humanity and planet is far greater, rendering the financial reward and positive global impact HUGE.

Are you ready to support pure science? Do you want to be involved with a collaborative effort that is both an investment vehicle and a philanthropic duty? And one that may prove to be among humankind’s greatest accomplishments?

We certainly hope so…..please contact us.

And finally, for the esoteric at heart, is it no coincidence that our present-day society, which is so dominated by male values and virtues, contrives to make energy through exploding things – whether they be nuclear fission, combustion engines, coal-burning electrical plants, or weapons of war?  Is it not equally fitting that a veteran female scholar, who was among the first few female physicists of her generation, should be the one to have designed a viable fusion engine, which by definition relies on the merging of energies?  Is it no coincidence that her approach to exceeding the OUTPUT>INPUT threshold relies on “working with” the plasma’s own instabilities, rather than trying to contain them through outright “brute force” (i.e. temperatures in the millions of degrees Celcius and magnetic fields that can crush)?

Join us in bringing this technological solution to fruition.