Meet the remarkable woman behind RVB Plasma.

RVB Plasma is the brainchild project of Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD. and her late husband, Electrical Engineer, William Van Bise.

Rauscher’s distinguished and long career includes more than 350 published papers, six patents, six books, teaching positions, professional positions and speaking engagements around the world. Her genuine curiosity for all things extant has led her on a path of inquiry that includes consciousness itself, general relativity, quantum entanglement, cosmology, black hole physics, and…fusion.

Rauscher and Van Bise were a marvelous team. Their unique relationship as husband and wife – and scientists through and through – led them to some remarkable discoveries in electronics, radio frequencies, magnetism and plasma dynamics; all of which are key components of any viable fusion generator/reactor solution.

With the continuing threat posed by climate change – a change which is precipitated by humankind’s dependence upon energy and its current key input of fossil fuels, coal and natural gas – Dr. Rauscher is keen to develop and offer her research and expertise in an effort to solve mankind’s energy crisis through the introduction of a viable fusion reactor based on her extensive experimentation, and both published and unpublished works.

We call this reactor the RVB Plasma Engine, and it is unique among all current design configurations in the race to meet the Hot Enough/Long Enough paradigm.

The fusion energy business landscape has become exciting, with numerous players and participants.

Good! – We need to solve this problem, and we need to solve it soon!

It is our belief, however, that the RVB Plasma Engine will prove to be the most affordable, replicable, scalable and efficient of all current designs due to Rauscher’s unique insights into the nature of plasma.

For a complete professional biography and resume of Dr. Rauscher’s life accomplishments and work, please visit her website at .